A newly developed wind capture unit for worldwide use, combined with the principle of a vertical small wind turbine, is used for power generation on site, regional and decentralized – directly at the user of the energy! It can be simply delivered to any place via haulage and can be easily installed by most people themselves (D I Y).

The special thing about SuSi SuperSilent wind energy turbines is that they can capture wind and each gust from any direction. They can convert wind energy into electricity during rotation. Batteries store the electricity to be available by the user when required.

SuSi wind turbines can be also characterized by:

  • Transparent wings ---> accepted by the neighbourhood
  • Silent motion if wind drives the capturing unit ---> no danger through subsonic noise, no noise pollution
  • Ecological materials are used for the entire design ---> sustainability!
  • Modular design which means that size and performance can be adapted any time to conditions on site
  • No authorization required in many federal states and other countries due to a maximal overall height of less than 10 m from mast step.
  • Installed within a day if a stable foundation exists for mast step and ground anchors
  • Made in Bavaria – office and production in Bavaria / quality Made in Germany

Vertical small wind units (VKWA) with up to 10 m clear height from mast step do not currently need authorization in some German federal states (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, North Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia (without liability).)

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SuSi Flyer download

SuSi Flyer Englisch

Summary of the properties of the SuSi wind turbines

SuSi Flyer Russian

Краткое описание свойств ветряных турбин SuSi

SuSi Video

SuSi Live Video

This video presents the SuSi vertcal axis windturbines in action.

locations of SuSi

SuSi in Zwiesel at Bärwurzerei Hieke

SuSi SuperSilent in Zwiesel

Video on Facebook Account of Hieke

 SuSi in Ringelai at PAULI

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