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Do you have a cottage or second home where you would like to take power from batteries during your stay? Wind power that was stored over the entire year from the VKWA SuSi?

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You can take power from the 12V batteries via transformer to 230V or direct in 12V – for example for light, water pumps, a refrigerator, garden tools, a cooking plate etc. if you are spending your holidays there. Batteries can store power over weeks without having to accept too much power loss. We will also be pleased to advise you on the purchase of high quality and low-loss buffer batteries that we are using ourselves.

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SuSi Flyer download

SuSi Flyer Englisch

Summary of the properties of the SuSi wind turbines

SuSi Flyer Russian

Краткое описание свойств ветряных турбин SuSi

SuSi Video

SuSi Live Video

This video presents the SuSi vertcal axis windturbines in action.

locations of SuSi

SuSi in Zwiesel at Bärwurzerei Hieke

SuSi SuperSilent in Zwiesel

Video on Facebook Account of Hieke

 SuSi in Ringelai at PAULI

ewp pauliSuSi 160622 550

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